Casinos Scam Customers

Online casinos are in the business of making money. These institutions have put in place a variety of precautions to ensure that they keep a majority of the money being gambled. Through methods such as low payout percentages and intelligent chance altering a gamers' chance of hitting the jackpot are greatly altered.

Intelligent Chance Altering

Intelligent chance altering is a fairly common practice for online gaming sites. Basically, it is a software program that collects information about a user's playing habits, betting patterns and monetary bets. It serves as a predictor to what kind of bet the gamer will make, and how to maximize the amount of money the system can make from the user.

Low Payout Percentages

Another common practice by online gaming companies to prevent high jackpots, is utilizing an algorithm to ensure low payout percentages to gamers. This software program alters the number of times a gamer can win during any one session. Gamers can protect themselves, by keeping an accurate record of wins and losses while playing.

Betting Against the Player

Online gaming institutions literally bet against the people playing. Through data collection and predictors, their software knows the gamers betting patterns and playing strategies thoroughly. Virtual casinos take this information and use it to guarantee that a player will not win much money.

Online gaming for enjoyment is perfectly respectable, but gamers should know their odds of winning are greatly decreased when using virtual casinos. The odds are literally stacked against the gambler through a web-like system of software, aggregators and use predictors.

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