Online Hi Lo Blackjack

Online hi lo blackjack is a very interesting game and the trick to the game is finding balance between the high and low value cards. The most valuable high-value cards are tens and Aces. A player with these cards has a greater chance of accumulating a 20 and 21 which are very high scores. Tens and Aces also increase your chances of going bust. Low-value cards are also valuable and advantageous because the blackjack dealer must draw a total of 17 from all hands. Hi-Lo Blackjack is not a difficult game to learn, but you will need to practice it for a while before you jump to play on real money tables. And you can do that by using no deposit bonus from Max casino, for which you can read more at

Online hi lo blackjack is a game that requires a lot of concentration. The best way of learning the game is by mastering the hi lo system. The system is very simple and easy to grasp, this is the reason it is widely used in many casinos and reputable for its brilliance. There are other more complicated systems that are used, they may be more accurate but the complexity makes it very hard for users to grasp and understand them. The biggest disadvantage with complex systems is that itÂ's hard to learn them by heart and you have to keep cramming and hence you lose concentration when playing online hi lo blackjack. Another disadvantage is that forgetting a minor detail could make you lose track of the entire game. Once you familiarize yourself with the high lo system, its comes naturally when you are playing hence you can direct all your attention and focus to the game.

Online hi lo blackjack is similar to poker. It's always best to begin the game by calculating the odds. This will help you to know how to play the hand. ItÂ's not possible to know the exact odds but one can estimate and determine the probability, this will greatly help you in making decisions as you play. It's mandatory for players to study the blackjack strategies so as to increase the chances of winning. You must be very alert when playing online hi lo blackjack. You need to start counting the cards every time a fresh deck is introduced.

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