Online Video Poker Time to Level Up

After decades of research and practice, Microgaming presented a new variation in online video poker. This time, it's the level up system and it has been widely acclaimed. Microgaming gave a simple explanation to the introduction of this new 'Level Up Video Poker':

Players always had this sense of proving their worth and dominating over others. Level Up Video Poker lets them quench their insatiable thirst in a new way?

Level up system in online video poker works on a correlation principle. You cannot skip a particular level and you have to complete some level requirements to proceed. You have to clear level 1 to proceed to level 2. This goes on until you are on the final level.

Payouts in this criterion also work differently. Depending upon the online casino, you are likely to win with bonus multipliers and basic reward. All your bonuses are transferred to the next level until you have cleared the final level of online video poker.

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