The Unique Aspects of Video Poker

Video poker is a new variation of poker game that aims to appeal to fans computer games, slot machines, and other mechanized or computerized entertainment. While it encompasses the basic rules of poker, it is set up so that individuals play against a machine rather than a real person or group of people. This, of course, changes the strategy and feel of the game itself.

Playing Style

When you sit down to play video poker, the computerized dealer will provide you with the standard five cards, though these will be displayed on the computer screen. Each card features a corresponding button that allows players to hold those cards they want and discard the rest. Then, the computer will deal the additional cards needed, and the game will begin.

Automatic Calculations

One of the big advantages of playing video poker is that that the computer does all of the heavy lifting for you. In other words, the probability of drawing certain hands will be displayed for you on the screen, eliminating the need to do intricate calculations during the game. Additionally, you'll be able to keep track of you winnings at all times on the digital "pay table."

Some people argue that video poker offers players better odds than traditional poker: since there are no other human opponents, there are fewer variables in play. This has not been officially proven, but the mere chance of having better odds of winning has already drawn a number of new fans to the game.

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